OSTIF Has Reached Out to Quarkslab for Auditing Services

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We are currently in talks with Quarkslab about possible contracts for getting our supported apps audited. We have selected Quarkslab as a candidate for multiple reasons. They have a strong team of professional staff that works heavily in the areas of software security auditing and cryptography. They have done public…

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OSTIF Social Media

We have created our social media accounts and will begin posting all of our news and blog posts to keep everyone informed of our activities! Reddit Handles: OSTIForg and OSTIFofficial Facebook: (FACEBOOK IS NO LONGER IN USE) Twitter: @OSTIFofficial YouTube: (Subject to change) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4x_yBX7vLi5M6K7Lc-axUQ Google+: (G+ IS NO LONGER IN…

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