The Open Source Technology Improvement Fund is a corporate non-profit dedicated to securing open source apps that we all depend on. Securing software isn’t easy, and we know what it takes to succeed. By facilitating security audits and reviews, OSTIF makes it easy for projects to significantly improve security.

Connecting Security Experts

We maintain a global community of researchers and auditors who specialize in open-source security, and can quickly organize major initiatives when the need arises.

Our team navigates the complexities of procuring security resources so you don’t have to.

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Cost-effective and productive audits

Leading research suggests that focused, properly scoped security reviews result in significant and impactful improvements.

Our proven methodology and deep expertise allow us to deliver audits effectively and efficiently.

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Better Security Through Community

Through the Open Source Technology Improvement Fund, projects have been able to find and fix critical security bugs. Working together, we have protected millions of technology users around the globe.

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Support the OSTIF Mission

Open-source projects keep today’s Internet infrastructure afloat. They are critical for the operation of every webserver, every browser, and every banking platform. And they are cared for by a surprisingly small group of people with a limited amount of time. Without dedicated security experts, these projects often don’t get the attention they require.

We can do it with help from supporters like you.

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