Why Sponsor OSTIF?

The Open Source Technology Improvement Fund is a corporate nonprofit with the mission to improve the long-term security and sustainability of critical open-source projects. We are a premier partner and advocate for the advancement of open-source software security. This is done mainly by helping organizations and communities gain access to better security resources.

We strengthen the security and integrity of infrastructure that all organizations and their clients depend on.

We have developed a deep network of security experts, audit groups, corporate representatives, and FOSS advocates working to support our mission. Our efforts have resulted in the patching of hundreds of security bugs impacting billions of users globally. We are extremely grateful to the 25+ organizations and individual donors who have already supported us.

Partnership Process

OSTIF is leading the way by crowdsourcing good people and good ideas. Our work has resulted in countless hours of security research and bug patches, with billions of systems improved.

01 Donate

Corporate sponsorship is the most effective way to get involved. Simply provide funding and we take care of the rest, maximizing return and impact. Platinum sponsors steer the organization forward and earmark funds for specific projects.

02 Audit

OSTIF manages the audit from start to finish. We source bids and build the best team to do the work. An in-depth source code analysis and logic review is done, resulting in bug fixes and improvements to functionality and security.

03 Publish

After all fixes and improvements have been made to the software, we publish the results of the audit. Top sponsoring organizations get recognition on published audit work, resulting in significant coverage.

04 Result

Improved software can directly and notably reduce risk in the software stacks that are used by organizations worldwide, leaving the sponsoring organization (and the world!) better equipped to prevent future adverse events.

For sponsorship or project inquiries contact us via email at Derek at OSTIF dot org. We are flexible and can work with you on improving any open source project.