The OpenVPN Fundraiser Has Hit It’s Goal – Work On The Audit Begins

The OpenVPN Fundraiser Has Hit It's Goal - Work On The Audit Begins We are delighted to announce that the Open Source Technology Improvement Fund has surpassed it's target goal of $71,000 USD with two weeks of fundraising to spare! We are continuing to seek donations until fundraising officially ends on January 1st. Our community: A

More OpenVPN Updates!

Progress! Goals! Collaboration! We are reporting in with more progress updates on our fundraising, more specifics on our goals, and some positive news about collaboration. Fundraising: We have secured substantially more funding over the last few days, increasing our total cash raised to $41000. This places us at about 60% of our $71000 goal! We have had

OpenVPN Audit Updates – News – And More!

Fundraising Is Going Well, Progress Is Fast! We have had a lot of early success with our OpenVPN fundraiser, and the community response to the project has been tremendous with privacy advocates, VPN review sites, and VPN providers coming together to raise over $34,000 USD over the last two weeks. We think we are on