OSTIF is Beginning a Fundraiser for OpenVPN – Let’s Get it Audited!

OSTIF is Beginning a Fundraiser for OpenVPN - Let's Get it Audited! Edit: Updates about the progress of this fundraiser are here: https://ostif.org/openvpn-audit-updates-news-and-more/ Today marks the first day of our OpenVPN fundraiser. We are asking for your support to get one of the most widely used networking applications in the world audited. How you can support this effort: -Donate

OSTIF T-shirts Available to Donors!

Beautiful. Elegant. Stylish. Intelligent. These are the words that I, Derek Zimmer, and possibly someone else will describe you as when you are wearing our new OSTIF t-shirts! The design is a black shirt with the white OSTIF.org logo on the front, and the back is a negative of Snowden Document 20320108. This is the document that showed that