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These are the words that I, Derek Zimmer, and possibly someone else will describe you as when you are wearing our new OSTIF t-shirts!

The design is a black shirt with the white OSTIF.org logo on the front, and the back is a negative of Snowden Document 20320108. This is the document that showed that while the NSA is incredibly well resourced, they are not magic and cannot break the laws of physics and math. It showed definitively that properly implemented encryption really is unbreakable by having a Prism target using Off-the-Record fail to be decrypted.


To qualify for a shirt, donate at least $50 through any method, and then send us an email with your shipping information and proof of payment. The shirts will be shipped in bulk at the end of the fundraiser (to save on printing costs). They are Gildan 100% cotton shirts and are available in men’s and women’s cuts. We will be showcasing a new design every fundraiser!

If you would like multiple shirts, let us know and we can negotiate something reasonable. Also, if you would like us to ship to you internationally, please add $10 to your donation (if it is the minimum $50).

The email to send your t-shirt information to is below:

email anti ocr