The OpenVPN 2.4.0 Audit by OSTIF and QuarksLab Results

The OSTIF and QuarksLab audit of OpenVPN 2.4.0 has been completed, and this is the public release of the results. The quick and dirty: OpenVPN 2.4.0, the NDIS6 TAP Driver for Windows, the Windows GUI, and Linux versions were evaluated. This release included a number of new features including control channel encryption. QuarksLab found: 1 Critical/High Vulnerability CVE-2017-7478 1

The Audit of OpenVPN is Complete

The Audit of OpenVPN is Complete We have confirmed with QuarksLab that the security review of OpenVPN 2.4.0 is complete, and that they are now documenting the results. The process will then proceed as follows: QuarksLab will securely give these results to the OpenVPN security team on April 7th. The OpenVPN team will review the results and create

OSTIF’s 2017 Books Have Been Updated

Open Source Technology Improvement Fund's Open Books for 2017 We have been late to the party on updating our open books for 2017. I have gone through and updated them finally today. The big items of note: -The OpenVPN Fundraiser has concluded and we beat our goals by a comfortable margin. These excess funds are being reserved

OSTIF Financial Report for FY2016

2015 and 2016 financial report for the Open Source Technology Improvement Fund, Inc. 2016 was a year of rapid growth for OSTIF. We've met or exceeded all of our goals and have two major successes under our belts, the fundraising and auditing of VeraCrypt 1.18 and the fundraising and auditing of OpenVPN 2.4. This document is

The OpenVPN Audit Begins February 15th 2017

The OpenVPN Audit Begins February 15th 2017 The OpenVPN audit is going to be carried out as planned by QuarksLab's Gabriel Campana and Jean-Baptiste Bedrune on February 15th 2017. There will be 90 man-days of work completed throughout this audit and it will take approximately 45 days to complete. During this time period, we will work with

T-Shirts are being ordered next week!

After our successful fundraiser for OpenVPN, we are now moving forward with getting shirts for our supporters printed and shipped out. You can see the designs here. We have sent emails out to our individual contributors that have made qualifying donations already. Check your emails! Some of you donated through anonymous methods where we could not

The OpenVPN Fundraiser Has Hit It’s Goal – Work On The Audit Begins

The OpenVPN Fundraiser Has Hit It's Goal - Work On The Audit Begins We are delighted to announce that the Open Source Technology Improvement Fund has surpassed it's target goal of $71,000 USD with two weeks of fundraising to spare! We are continuing to seek donations until fundraising officially ends on January 1st. Our community: A

More OpenVPN Updates!

Progress! Goals! Collaboration! We are reporting in with more progress updates on our fundraising, more specifics on our goals, and some positive news about collaboration. Fundraising: We have secured substantially more funding over the last few days, increasing our total cash raised to $41000. This places us at about 60% of our $71000 goal! We have had

OpenVPN Audit Updates – News – And More!

Fundraising Is Going Well, Progress Is Fast! We have had a lot of early success with our OpenVPN fundraiser, and the community response to the project has been tremendous with privacy advocates, VPN review sites, and VPN providers coming together to raise over $34,000 USD over the last two weeks. We think we are on