A Special Thank You

I would like to thank Mike from HTPCguides.com for assisting us with migrating our servers to Linux, optimizing their performance and hardening our complex infrastructure in order to get ready for our KickStarter. We used two guides in particular: http://www.htpcguides.com/install-configure-configserver-csf-firewall-security/ http://www.htpcguides.com/install-wordpress-on-raspberry-pi-with-raspbian/ (no, our servers are not running Raspberry Pis, we…

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KickStarter Project Submitted for Final Approval

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We have just submitted our KickStarter project for final approval. We will hear back in 24-48 hours on final approval and be ready for launch! We are uploading videos to YouTube, reaching out to privacy companies, and gearing up to make waves in the privacy community! Spread the word, donate…

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OSTIF Site is Optimized — Better Faster Stronger!

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In our efforts to chase down a nasty bug in Microsoft IIS that caused first time visitors to get timeout errors, we uncovered a number of serious performance issues with the site. I (Derek) have spent the last two days migrating the site completely to free software. The site is…

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Our KickStarter Project Image!

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We are revealing our KickStarter project image. This is the image that you will first see for us on the site when the campaign begins! Credit goes to Zach Graves for creating the image.

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