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We have agreed upon our rewards that we will be offering for Kickstarter to donors that support our cause. We’ve tried to balance giving our donors well deserved recognition and rewards with keeping the overhead for the donation drive down.

The (tentative) rewards will be as follows:

Donate up to $30

  • A big warm thank you for making a difference.
  • A shout-out on social media
  • A Cryptographically Signed Certificate with a custom URL that you can visit to verify your donation to OSTIF. (PDF)

Above $30

  • Everything above
  • Cryptographically Signed Paper Certificate (printed and mailed)

Above $60

  • Everything Above
  • T-Shirt (Gold Donor generic design)

Above $120

  • Everything Above (except for the Gold Donor shirt)
  • Personalized T-Shirt (Platinum Donor featuring custom crypto signature and URL)
  • Cryptographically Signed Paper Certificate with CEO Signature (printed and mailed)

Above $250

  • Everything Above
  • Front page shout-out on website blog
  • 30 Minute meet n’ greet with Founders (online)
  • Cryptographically Signed Paper Certificate with all founder signatures

Above $500

  • Everything Above
  • Permanent thank you on donation page
  • Hour meeting with founders on future of company (in-person option)
  • Hand written thank you from CEO

Images of the designs will be coming soon!