The OSTIF Public Books Have Been Updated – October 2017

We have updated our 2017 Books to current, and they can be viewed here:

Highlights since the last major update of the books:

-Private Internet Access has become our first Platinum Sponsor. This means that they have committed to contributing $120,000 USD per year, and will be joining our steering committee, where they will participate in monthly meetings with us directly and help give us feedback and support on our projects.

-We have raised approximately $127,000 so far toward the OpenSSL 1.1.1 project, putting us at about 30% of our goal after 10 days of fundraising. We anticipate having the project funded by the end of November if fundraising continues at our current pace.

-We paid a total of $5129 to Guido Vranken for finding 7 low to medium severity bugs in OpenVPN, and for helping to integrate the fuzzing tools that he created into the project, which helps permanently prevent these types of bugs from resurfacing in OpenVPN in the future.

-We purchased a BeagleBone Black for a future unannounced YouTube guide video.

-We spent $450 to have our closing bumper for our YouTube channel professionally filmed and recorded.

We remain committed to maximum transparency about our operations and goals. All of this exists because of our support from the public. If you support our mission be sure to donate and spread the word about our mission to everyone you know. This dream depends on all of us to succeed. We can have a safer and more private internet.