This year for OSTIF has been beyond our expectations and hopes. We’ve worked hard for open source security, bonding with new collaborators while growing our network to provide projects with help from experts. We completed almost 200% more projects than in 2022, hired a new full-time employee, and forged partnerships with international organizations. Our Managing Director spoke at the North American Open Source Summit in Vancouver, Canada, and attended multiple open source conferences over the world. We are incredibly proud of the year we’ve had, having been recognized by name in the annual reports of the Linux Foundation, Linux Foundation Energy, and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation for our contributions this year to their success. 

In our 2023 Annual Report, we provide a breakdown of the 45 audits performed this year, our organization and its mission, and how we are planning for the short and long term of our foundation. For over eight years, OSTIF has been working to bring actualized security impact to open source projects. As the year draws to an end, we are overjoyed to look back and see just how much we can do when we prioritize our mission, put security first, and work with others in the community to bring positive change for all users.

Read the 2023 OSTIF Annual Report HERE