The Haystack – Four Woman Journalists Explore the Scope, Legality, and Ethical Pitfalls of Mass Surveillance.

What is mass surveillance? How do investigative powers of governments differ today from thirty years ago? How intrusive are these powers? Are these powers legal within the constitutions of their respective countries? Who decides when these surveillance powers can be used, and under what circumstances?

These are some of the questions explored in The Haystack; A documentary by Scenes of Reason that takes a hard look at how governments handle big data and their investigative powers.

You can view the entire documentary for free on Vimeo here:

The Haystack from Scenes of Reason on Vimeo.

These issues are some of the core reasons that we have formed the OSTIF. We as citizens of the world need to push back against these intrusive invasions of our privacy and threats to our digital security. We can accomplish this goal through funding and supporting strong and trustworthy free software that will protect our data from mass surveillance systems around the world.