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OSTIF Transparency – We are opening up our books

Edit: Our public books were last updated on 9/16/2016

In an effort to increase our transparency about where money in our organization goes, we are opening up our books to scrutiny by the public. You can see how our money is spent and when. We invite any criticism you may have about our operations or efficiency. We are designed from the ground-up to be a lean organization that puts a strong focus on our funds going to our supported projects.

You can view the full document here:


This document is intended to be a permanent rolling record that will be periodically updated to reflect the latest donations and charges to our accounts.

Note: Separate accounts, such as accounts for social media campaigns, Paypal, crowdsourcing, and other sources are not shown in this document until the money is deposited into our corporate account. This is both to ease record-keeping on the public document, and so that donations can be rolled together into groups so that individual contributions do not stand out unless the donor specifically requests otherwise.

We are committed to running an open, trustworthy, and focused organization. If you have any comments or professional advice for us that you would like to contribute, feel free to contact us!