OSTIF is Working with Monero Research Lab on Bulletproofs

We are happy to announce that we have been working with the Monero project to help them locate auditing resources for Bulletproofs. This code review is to evaluate the safety of the implementation of Bulletproofs into Monero, which promises to dramatically reduce transaction sizes for Monero, which will substantially reduce transaction fees, processing times and the size of the actual blockchain.

We have been working with two companies, QuarksLab in Paris and X41 D-Sec in Berlin to produce Statement of Work proposals and ensure that this review can be conducted entirely in public view and transparently. This allows everyone to view the final reports and see that the work was completed thoroughly and with significant oversight.

On top of assisting Monero Research Lab with locating auditors willing to work in public, OSTIF is also assisting with financial resource issues, offering to accept Monero XMR and paying out the auditors in EUR to facilitate their participation.

The Monero community is in the process of selecting which teams will be conducting the review now.

You can participate in the discussion:

Here on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/817zt0/mrl_bulletproof_audit_ffs_request/

Or here on Monero’s forums: https://forum.getmonero.org/7/open-tasks/89993/bulletproofs-audit

The next step for selecting auditors:

Monero will create an FFS – a post on their Forum Funding System here:

On the FFS, anyone can donate Monero XMR to support the project. Once funded, the project proceeds and the auditors conduct their work.