OSTIF CEO Derek Zimmer has left VikingVPN to join London Trust Media

The founder of OSTIF has a new day job, working for London Trust Media as the Vice President of Marketing and Strategy.

This offer was made after years of working together with Private Internet Access on the OSTIF project.

What this means for OSTIF:

Effective immediately, Derek will no longer draw any bonuses or salary from OSTIF. This will allow us to put more resources toward marketing, outreach, office materials, and other budgets. Our commitment to being a 90%+ charity limits our ability to finance marketing and travel expenses. This will significantly add to those budgets going forward.

The London Trust Media / Private Internet Access sponsorship of OSTIF is likely to continue, meaning that we can far more done when we have a reliable recurring income from a sponsor.

Derek will be seen at a lot more community events like hacker and security conventions to talk about VPNs and OSTIF.

We look forward to the future!