A Special Thank You

I would like to thank Mike from HTPCguides.com for assisting us with migrating our servers to Linux, optimizing their performance and hardening our complex infrastructure in order to get ready for our KickStarter. We used two guides in particular: http://www.htpcguides.com/install-configure-configserver-csf-firewall-security/ http://www.htpcguides.com/install-wordpress-on-raspberry-pi-with-raspbian/ (no, our servers are not running Raspberry Pis, we…

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Kickstarter Rewards Revealed

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We have agreed upon our rewards that we will be offering for Kickstarter to donors that support our cause. We've tried to balance giving our donors well deserved recognition and rewards with keeping the overhead for the donation drive down. The (tentative) rewards will be as follows: Donate up to…

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TrueCrypt Critical Flaw Highlights the Need for OSTIF Support for VeraCrypt

TrueCrypt - The venerable full disk and container encryption software that was abandoned by its developers in 2014, was believed to be secure, despite the development of the software ending. This was the consensus among the security community because the software had been audited by iSec (a subsidiary of NCC).…

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