This page is to show how far we have come from the beginning of the organization.

“OSTIF has had a long journey. From a list of issues on a sheet of paper to a worldwide coalition of people and businesses working together to create a safer digital world for all of us.” -Derek Zimmer, Chief Executive Officer


May 2015

Open Source Technology Improvement Fund, Inc. is officially founded. Work begins on our framework, designing the website, planning our strategy, and documenting everything we do for total transparency.

August 2016

Hit 100 Twitter Followers, Mention in Threatpost for Audit of Veracrypt

February 2016

The OSTIF is recognized as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the United States, officially making us a tax-exempt and tax-deductible charity.

July 2016

OSTIF completes funding for its first fund raiser for VeraCrypt 1.18.

October 2016

OSTIF in partnership with QuarksLab completes its first audit locating 26 vulnerabilities including 8 high/critical vulnerabilities.

December 2016

OSTIF completes funding for an audit of OpenVPN 2.4.0 by forming a coalition of 33 companies and hundreds of individuals who came together for the common good.

April 2017

OSTIF in partnership with QuarksLab completes the audit of OpenVPN 2.4.0 locating 5 vulnerabilities including 2 high/critical vulnerabilities.

May 2017

Launched on Patreon as a way to further OSTIF’s mission with education on how to utilize supported open source software.

July 2017

OSTIF launches the bug bounty program for OpenVPN and VeraCrypt, allowing researchers around the world to combine their skills and expertise to locate and fix any security flaws in the supported apps.

September 2017

Reached 500 Twitter followers.

September 2017

Reached 10,000 views on YouTube.

September 2017

OSTIF launches fundraiser for OpenSSL.